Extension & Kitchen Project

Mill Street - Coton in the Elms - Derbyshire



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                                                                                                                                 Coton in the Elms




Kevin Alsop

La Belle Cuisine

Heart of the Country





Dear Kevin,


My wife and I felt that we just had to write to you to thank you so much for the new kitchen. It is better than we could ever have thought and is attracting many admiring looks from friends and neighbours.


I thought it would be useful to itemise the various elements of the project and highlight the important aspects that combine to produce such an excellent end product.


Starting with the liaison between you and us during the project; this was thorough and timely throughout. This takes us right from the initial consultations over kitchen designs, material options, project planning and rectification of the inevitable small-scale issues that arise in such a lengthy project. Your design ideas for the kitchen were supportive of our desires but also introduced other thoughts and solutions to provoke discussion and these lead to some valuable design refinement. The final design looked great on paper and your plans also included floor tile layout and all water, electrical and gas locations to ensure we had everything we needed.


Next comes the building work for the extension required to provide us with the room for the new kitchen. Your price was very competitive and included all the aspects of the work needed. The work was well managed and the workmanship was excellent. They had to work in a confined space with many unique and conflicting aspects of the existing building that had to handled carefully. The most notable of these was the moving of the electric and gas meter boxes. You certainly had some hard work to do with these (particularly with the gas meter!). Despite all of these, the work progressed very smoothly. This work included all the groundwork (foundations, drains etc.), brickwork, windows and roofing. In addition, the standard of the various tradesmen was excellent.


Once the extension was watertight Tim came to carry out all the internal work from the bare shell to the final completed kitchen. He was simply superb with a tenacious desire for the best quality of workmanship and materials. He was able to deal with all of the work except for the electrical and gas fitting and the plastering. He was most ably assisted by Jamie who also demonstrated a similar work ethic and attention to detail; so refreshing in someone so young. Tim carried out the knocking through between the old and new building, flooring levelling, plumbing, plasterboard lining, floor and wall tiling, cabinet installation (and adaption), equipment installation, worktop cutting and fitting, skirting boards, worktop oiling and much more.


During the project there were a number of minor changes to design and specification required and both you and Tim were very accommodating in facilitating these as easily and painlessly as possible. We were so impressed with Tim that we have arranged for him to come back and do some more work for us not relating to the kitchen.  I must also make a special mention of Mario who painted all the room and cabinets so expertly. We will be using his services again! The high quality of your team inevitably reinforces the high standards of the overall service you provide.


Now we have all the equipment and furniture in place the room looks superb. Not only that but it works in terms of layout and facilities. This is a splendid advert for your work and I hope that you gain more projects as a result of this; we are certainly spreading the word.


Once again, very many thanks and the very best for the future.


David and Gill Pratt