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This page outlines the spectrum of La Belle Cuisine's services that are on offer to each and every client, 

and is followed by an insight to 'The Process' of how we deal with your enquiry and hopefully your order.   

Bespoke Cabinetry

Building Works

Bespoke Cabinetry

Interior Design

Interior Design
Building Works








                                     <> COMPREHENSIVE AFTER SALES SERVICE<> 



Enquiries and subsequent consultancy  appointments are generated from various sources......repeat orders,  referrals , recommendations, or a visit to our showroom, our website, publications or telephone.  

Which ever the source,  we deal with each and every one  equally and efficiently.  We keep  all appointments and arrive promptly at the agreed and designated time.  


Consultancy / Design Meeting        


The owner / designer Kevin Alsop attends all design consultations . This meeting is for you to get to know him and pick his brain and get some idea whether you would be comfortable working with him.


“No doubt you have been thinking about your new kitchen for some 

 time and I will ask you to share your ideas and insights. I will share

 with you my advice and offer options and more possibilities. Many

 times, clients have magazine pictures, these can be very helpful to

 start the creativity flowing"  

                                                    'Kevin Alsop'


The kitchen area is then surveyed and accurately measured in readiness for the design drawing stage. 


Design & Quotation:


Back at  the office, the design drawings are now generated.  During this phase, any layout or detail conflicts become apparent and are corrected. This may take a few days of creativity and design drawing to arrive at the finished item.

We supply floor plans and front elevations of each wall of cabinetry.  We then detail & cost the complete design in accordance to it's content and  your requirements,  detailing all furniture, appliances,  work surfaces,  materials and  installation costs. Design  alternatives

and optional extras such as  building works,  tiling,  lighting and final decoration are  costed and are shown separately.................................

The design drawings & quotation are now ready. ( No fee is made for this service ).





We now make contact with you, to arrange an appointment to meet again for us to present our design  propasals and quotation. The meeting  can take  place at your home or at the showroom, however we feel that it's more beneficial for you that we meet at the showroom as it is much easier for you  to relate to the kitchen and it's features by seeing the 'real thing' and not just glossy photographs. The presentation will show  you exactly what your new kitchen will look like, and also give you the opportunity to make any required alterations to the design or  it's content should you wish to.  The 

drawings and the quotation will  be revised accordingly . We  will give you copies of the  drawings and  quotation ,for you to consider and  relate to them in the comfort of your own home.  In many cases, clients will assess our design proposals and make the decision to 'go ahead' within in a short period of time. However, we do appreciate

that  this is not always the case and that clients may be  looking towards the future. 

La Belle Cuisine's policy is not to chase or harass clients for a decision.  All we ask,  is that you keep us informed of your intentions.





At this stage you have chosen La Belle Cuisine and decided to proceed with the order....... 'Thank you'

A  further meeting is required  to discuss and finalise the complete specification   i.e. colours and  finishes of the cabinetry, handles, work surfaces, appliances, tiles, sink , etc. An Installation date is agreed. This information is duly noted and confirmed accordingly.  We then ask you to secure your order with a deposit. We then  proceed with the making of the cabinetry and ordering of all the ancillary items.  






 Cabinet Making


A detailed cabinetry specification and schedule of works is passed to our workshop, for the making of the furniture.  In most cases the  workshop requires approximatley 3-4 weeks to complete each kitchen. On completion, each individual cabinet and all components   are  checked  and  quality  controlled.  The workshop then prepares the complete kitchen in readiness for delivery.





On  the first  morning of the  installation the owner,  Kevin Alsop  and  his senior fitter meet at  your home to discuss and run through the schedule of work. The fitters then prepare the area and carry out all work as per the specifiation,  ready for installation of  the cabinetry.  The fitters then call  for the delivery of  the kitchen and continue the

installation.  At this point we ask for the agreed stage payment to be made............

When  granite worktops are ordered,  we make  accurate templates 

of the surfaces and forward  them to our own dedicated factory. The granite tops are then fabricated and  delivered back to site 5-6 days later. This timing does not affect the continuity of work. The granite

is then fitted,  and all finishing  works such as tiling etc. carried out. 

In the case of ' Painted ' kitchens , the hand  painter commences the preparation and finishing  of the furniture. The  timing of the painting  process depends on the size of each kitchen, however, in most cases  it  normally takes  5 days for him to complete and finish his part.  If you require the kitchen finally decorating,  he is also a qualified and experienced decorator. This can be arranged by        La Belle Cuisine or alternatively, directly with the decorator...... 

    ..........The kitchen is now complete and ready for you.........

All work is monitored and inspected regularly throughout the the installation process by La Belle Cuisine's owner. We ask all clients to inspect the kitchen and works on a daily basis and to advise us immediately of any queries or problems that may occur.

Alterations and  minor design changes are possible, during the installation.  However, it can be a major problem if such queries are not voiced until the end of the job.




At  this stage  you have inspected  the complete installation,  any 'snagging' queries have been promptly dealt with by the fitters,  and you are now completely satisfied. Final payment of the agreed retention monies are now paid.


"My aim is to ensure that you are a completely satisfied client. I will do whatever is necessary to make my part of your project proceed as smoothly as possible. I would like you to be a repeat customer,

and for you to recommend me to your relatives, friends and neighbours.

Providing good service for you is the way to make our business grow".

                                                                 'Kevin Alsop'

  We guarantee all our Products & Workmanship.
  Your consumer rights still apply and are                 protected.
  If a problem occurs after your warranty expires,   we ask that you contact us, and we will actively     make every effort to resolve the issue for you.
  Your kitchen, bedroom & bathroom are a true       reflection of La Belle Cuisine and our aim is to       maintain it that way for you.
                                                              Kevin Alsop